Heat Exchanger & Evaporator


Whether there is a need for the device built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another, where the media are separated by a wall or for the phase change of a fluid, Heat Exchangers acts as a backbone for any Process Industry. The proper choice of type of Heat exchanger for a particular application not only helps to save thecapital cost but also gives huge savings in Operating Cost. We design Heat Exchanger according to the given specifications of the client along with cost effectiveness. This equipment is named and designed according to its application such as:

1.   Condenser

2.   Reboiler

3.   Preheater

4.   Cooler

Or simply a Heat Exchanger

Types of Construction:

·         Shell and Tube

It consist of a bundle of tubes and a shell . One fluid that needs to be heated or cooled flows through the tubes and the second fluid runs over the tubes that provides the heat or absorbs the heat required. 

We fabricate three types of Heat Exchangers

1.   Fixed Tube Sheet 

2.   Floating Head

3.   U- Tube 

·         Double Pipe

In above types we offer:

a.   Plain Tube

b.   Corrugated Tube 

      Material of Construction:

      Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

      Designed as per the Standard Codes of ASME  Section VIII, IS 4503 & Tema.